Gtalkabout Personal Edition


SharedPlan Project Manager, Personal Edition  v.1.6.6

About SharedPlan Project Manager, Personal EditionYou will find the user interface to be familiar but the approach to project planning and reporting is fundamentally new and different.

EveryWAN Remote Support Personal Edition

EveryWAN Remote Support Personal Edition allows you to view and control any Windows Mobile device using your personal computer's screen, mouse and keyboard. It is an ideal tool for presenting your mobile device screen to a large audience or make screen


Password Safe and Repository Personal Edition Free

Password Safe and Repository Personal Edition Free comprises of all basic functions for password management. The Personal Edition is only designed for private users. More informations on

TDSL Personal Edition  v.

TDSL Personal Edition provides you with a comprehensive database for querying vacuum tube data.

Perf'Control Personal Edition  v.

Perf'Control Personal Edition provides individuals with a free, high-quality fitness management solution that can be used by both casual and serious exercisers who want to work with a comprehensive array of features.

Netbrain Workstation Personal Edition  v.2.310.00001

NetBrain created Personal Edition to enable network engineers who are working towards a Cisco CCIE, CCNP, CCNA or other certifications to rapidly visualize network topologies through a mechanism everyone knows how to use - a map.

SafeHouse Personal Edition  v.3 6

SafeHouse Personal Edition provides total privacy and protection for your sensitive files and folders using passwords and strong encryption. It's perfect for both desktop and laptop PCs.

VNC® Personal Edition  v.

Designed and built from the ground up by the original inventors of VNC, Personal Edition provides robust and easily-administered security with a minimum of fuss. VNC Personal Edition 4.

PowerPanel Personal Edition  v.1. 3. 2002

The cyber Power PowerPanel Personal Edition is an exclusive software that allows the user to control and monitor his UPS so as to ensure protection of the computer system, all its components and peripherals, and the data.

MvDeveloper Personal Edition  v.

mvDeveloper Personal Edition is a free Windows based editor packed with features for MultiValue application developers. Lightweight and fast client side editor. No server installation or run time frameworks required.

InoculateIT Personal Edition  v.10. 2. 2009

InoculateIT Personal Edition (IPE) is a free antivirus program for your desktop. Computer Associates is offering this as a service for PC users in order to significantly limit the damage to PCs caused by viruses.

Cascade Pilot Personal Edition  v.3.0

Cascade Pilot Personal Edition is a visually rich and powerful analyzer for wired and wireless networks that revolutionizes the use of Wireshark by providing capabilities not found in the world's most popular packet and network analysis tool.

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